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CELODEV's commitments


Our approach

Reduction of wastes and eco-responsibility

CELODEV is taking action to reduce the carbon footprint.

Réduction des déchets & Eco-responsabilité

An eco-responsible, environmental and ethical approach.

Optimize by taking back empty containers for free (IBC). Reduction of energy cost thanks to enzymes efficiency. Reduce chemicals impact…

Our ``Quality Charter``

CELODEV guarantees the quality of its services through its expertise and by sharing values with you and its team. Confidentiality. Tailor made service. Reactivity and adaptability

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Our Innovation

Support you in innovation projects biotechnology and bio based materials

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Need Help or Information ?

Our team is ready to help. Reach the contact section of our site for any additional request.

Our approch

Respect of labels and our guarantees

  • Throughout the formulation chain of our products, numerous checks are carried out in order to guarantee constant quality, according to the strictest standards in force.
  • Our formulations do not contain any substances that are subject to restrictions under REACH.
  • We provide to our customers certifications for our chemicals.

Our approch

Our Quality Charter

Our QUALITY CHARTER is the standard we set ourselves, from the development of our enzymatique formulations to the delivery of our products in order to offer you effective products for your process.

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