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Expertise and R&D

Expertise and R&D


With CELODEV, improve your business with enzymes biotechnology instead of chemicals.

Improved performance, efficiency, and greater sustainability are key to moving your productivity forward and saving costs.

Since they are widely used for different industrial applications, Enzyme technology has already proven it has the opportunity to replace replace chemicals in industry.

“Our objective is to help people saving energy, chemicals, help them to get more out of raw materials and create new specific papers by using enzymes”

Technical Survey

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According to your production

Nos innovations - CelodevThe modification of the cellulosic material through enzymatic treatments or pre-treatments

One of the expertise of celodev is to modify lignocellulosic material depending on its application. 

Key words : derivative cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose, fibre chemistry, fibrils, nanocellulose 

Improvement of your process 

Improvement of your process in pulp and paper mills.

Celodev prestation de services
Physico-chemical analysis provider

We can become your partner to carry out for physico-chemical analyzes especially in the paper industry

Formation produit enzymatiqueTraining

Train your employees to understand and use enzymes in paper making industry

Exporting abroad 70%
Dedicated to research 50%
Production for papermakers 90%
Dedicated for team training 10%
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