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Over 30 years of experience in the papermaking industry. Experience in biology and process engineering.


Partner of biotechnology projects in collaboration with academics and companies.


Green chemistry, the solution for tomorrow. Reduce energy costs, reduce environmental impact.


CELODEV, enzymatic solutions expert

CELODEV is a French company presents on the international board specialized in development of enzymatic products and in pulp industry consulting. CELODEV is founded in 2007 by Gilles Bajul, Engineer paper maker graduated in 1984 of the French School of paper making and Graphics Industries(EFPG).

Having acquired the technical and manager experiences in big french and international groups, Gilles Bajul decides to bring his know-how and his knowledge to compagnies by creating CELODEV. The main purpose of CELODEV is to support companies in the improvement of their paper production lines. Furthermore, thanks to its laboratory, CELODEV offers to you some innovative and individualized enzymatic solutions.

Out missions :

  • Paper analysis (ISO STANDARD).
  • Study of morphology of cellulosic fibres or other types of fibres.
  • Training on various subjects around cellulosic fibre and enzymes.
  • Study of a papermaking process.
  • Procedure for the use of an enzymatic treatment on any type of paper.
  • Research project proposal.
CELDOEV, spécialiste des produits enzymatiques

30 +

Years of experience


Since 2007, CELODEV has supported more than a hundred clients in innovative projects in the paper industry.

10 +

Scientific publications


Specialized engineers

300 +

Enzymatic Solutions

100 +

Happy customers


Tons of Production Capacity

50 %

Dedicated to Research.

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The CELODEV R&D laboratory allows us to be very reactive when it comes to the innovative demands of our customers. We are doing everything we can to provide ever more efficient and innovative solutions.

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