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"The expertise of CELODEV is based on the knowledge
of the papermaking process, the biotechnology and environmental protection".

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Objectives for papermaker

CELODEV proposes an enzymatic process to the pulp and paper industries, innovative technology to optimize the preparation of pulp, refining and improving the drainage at the sheet formation.


  • Refining energy consumption reduction
  • Retention and sizing agents chemicals consumption reduction


  • Amélioration de l’égouttage sur toile de fabrication ???
  • COD reduction in effluent

potential revenues:

  • Refining energy reduction
  • Reduction of steam consumption in drying
  • Short fiber / Long Fiber ratio increase
  • Fiber retention increase
  • COD reduction in effluent


The Company CELODEV can assist you in the development of using cellulosic products process by using its specific enzymes.

  • Establishment of specifications
  • Process analysis
  • Opportunity study of enzyme use to improve the efficiency of the production or to reduce the costs.
  • Development of appropriate enzyme complexes

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Continuous Monitoring and improvement

CELODEV proposes :

  • A regular monitoring of the use of celodases in the process
  • support in the process optimization
  • innovation in the use of enzymes for the pulp and paper industries.

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