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"The expertise of CELODEV is based on the knowledge
of the papermaking process, the biotechnology and environmental protection".

Paper Process Optimisation

Pulp Preparation

  • Basic engineering process
  • Optimisation of pulp circuit and short circuit
  • Water consumption reduction
  • Reduction of COD in the effluents


  • Optimization of the fibbers' ratios
  • Refining energy cost reduction
  • Refining parameters optimisation

Paper Machines

  • Optimization of drainage system to improve retention
  • Optimization of fiber orientation
  • Influence of chemicals on the functioning of MAP
  • Influence of pulp quality on MAP operation
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Determining the causes of defects on the paper

Surfacing Equipment

  • Influence of the coating parameters on the drying section
  • Optimization of heat consumption through chemicals or enzymes use
  • Formulation of a coating for size-press coater
  • Chemicals effects on the characteristics of paper
  • Parameters for the Consumption of starch in size-press

Mass and surface chemicals

  • Retention system

    • Optimization of retention on MAP through quantity adjustments, quality and introduction points of chemicals

    • Interaction between retention agents and chemicals (starch...)

    • Influence of pulp type and the retention agents

    • Knowledge of wet strength chemicals

  • Bonding systems

    • AKD or ASA systems optimization through adjustments and control of the quality and quantity of sizing agents

    • Interaction between mass and surface products

    • Use of chemicals for wet strength paper

    • Productivity improvement

  • Coloured paper

    • Using dyes and control systems for coloured papers

    • Interaction of chemicals on dyes (anionic, cationic ,...)

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