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Enzymes are complex molecules that are not alive and that act as a catalyst for chemical reactions.
They can accelerate up to millions of times a chemical reaction such as hydrolysis.

Those enzymes are specific catalysts. It means that, according to their nature, they only have effects on specific molecular compounds.
That is why it is necessary to create an enzyme complex to get the desired transformation.
For example, the amylases react only with starch

You just need a little amount of enzymes to enable a rapid reaction.

Reaction parameters

The main parameters of reaction in the presence of enzymes are :

  • The pH (see graph)
  • The temperature of the reaction (see graph)
  • The product concentration in the environment (see graph)
  • Reaction time
  • Presence of inhibitors, such as heavy metals

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The treatment in the pulp and paper industries

The enzyme complex formulated for different pulp grades such as mechanical pulp, chemical and recycled fibers providing improvements in mechanical characteristics of paper and power refining reductions. Overmore those enzymatic complexes improves the cleanliness in process water systems and help reduce the DCO level of emissions and reduce contaminants in the circuits.

According on the type of pulp used, the enzymatic treatment will be adapted,

  • Recycled papers :

    • Chemicals reduction

    • Productivity improvement

  • New pulp :

    • Chemicals reduction

    • Refining Energy reduction

    • Productivity improvement

  • Non wood pulp:

    • Refining Energy reduction

    • Productivity improvement

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